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Last Saturday October 8, 2023, Southern Israel and the world witnessed appalling acts of acts of wanton savagery unprecedented since the Holocaust – thousands of dead, injured and abducted civilians. Our hearts go out to the affected people, their families and their friends. And we salute the IDF including the many reservists called up to address the situation.

This article reviews a small part of all this – financial compensation from the Israeli government for property damage, which was also beyond comprehension. For further details in English, visit: Swords of Iron | Israel Tax Authority ( If you live in Central Israel and/or are unaffected to date, we hope the info below won’t be needed.


The Israeli Tax Authority (ITA) not only collects taxes, it also handles claims for compensation filed by Israeli citizens for direct and indirect damage caused as a result of acts of hostility or war operations. The compensation is made under the Property Tax and Compensation Fund Law, 1961.

Swords of Iron:

On October 7, the ITA opened the compensation fund center that handles claims regarding direct damage caused to the homes and private and business property of the citizens of the State of Israel. The call center is open from 08:15 to 19:00, until further notice. You can call the call center at *4954.

Initial guidance:

Following the event and after security forces have cleared the area, members of the compensation fund (property tax) of the ITA should arrive at the affected area together with appraisers and engineers.

Do NOT move equipment, inventory, waste or any object from your house or business, without prior coordination with an appraiser of the Compensation Fund. Cracked glass can be removed before the compensation fund teams arrive at the damaged area.

And do NOT fix damaged property without prior inspection by an appraiser.

Making the claim:

Claims may be filed by Israeli residents and companies in Israel whose property was damaged due to hostilities and war.

Filing a claim online should speed up handling time. Visit the online (Hebrew) claims website:

After filing the claim, you’ll get a temporary application number. If your application is submitted correctly, you’ll be sent a text message with your permanent claim number. After receiving the permanent claim number, your claim will be handled. If necessary, an appraiser and / or engineer will be sent to the damaged property to assess the damage. If you are claiming for damage to your vehicle, you’ll need a signed police report.

Notice of damage – must be submitted within two weeks from the date the damage occurred.

Claim for compensation – must be submitted within three months from the date the damage occurred.

Hostile or terror attacks:

This refers to damage caused by an act of hostility or a terror attack, for example: throwing stones, shooting, Molotov cocktail and others. If the teams of the compensation fund (property tax) cannot come to the site, the victims must visit one of the offices of the Property Tax at the ITA and present a police certificate stating that the damage caused to the property is due to hostilities or a terror attack.

Structural damage:

Officials of the compensation fund (property tax) together with professionals will appraise the damage and assess the value of the building.

The assessment will help determine the financial compensation needed to rebuild and repair the damage with professionals of your choice.

Damage to household items:

Compensation for damaged household items is paid according a table last updated on July 1, 2023. The following are examples of upper limits for a couple or a single parent:

  • Furniture: NIS 25,684 plus NIS 5187 per child (under 18);
  • Clothing: NIS 11,420 plus NIS 1,713 per child;
  • Electrical and electronic devices: NIS 31,107 plus NiS 521 per child;
  • Other home appliances: NIS 23,310 plus NIS 2,137 per child

The compensation will be determined according to the value of repair. Should the director of the compensation fund (property tax) determine that the object cannot be repaired – the compensation will be in accordance with the price of a similar and new household appliance.

There is no compensation for cash, checks, jewelry, antiques or art

Optional insurance of household items:

Unfortunately the war isn’t over. Therefore, residents who wish to insure their household objects at a value above that listed in the regulations, may do so by paying a premium of 0.3% per year of the additional value of their objects.

The additional value may not exceed NIS 971,236 in total.

To apply for this additional optional insurance, visit: Alternatively, a few ITA offices  handle such applications.

Damage to business equipment and inventory:

Compensation for damage to business equipment is based on the market value of the equipment.

As for inventory (stock) – you are entitled to compensation, according to the value of the cost of the damaged inventory (excluding VAT), after you have attached proof that you are the owner of the inventory.

When applying to the compensation fund, the following documents must be attached to the claim:

  • Inventory list and equipment that has been damaged
  • Financial statements or documents, showing that the equipment or inventory belongs to you (purchase invoices, inventory statements approved by an accountant and others). 
  • Certificate of tax withholding.
  • A photocopy of a check or a bank certificate that certifies that the victim has an account with that branch.

To conclude:

We wish you and your family and friends a peaceful time. Please contact us any time if there are questions or requirements we can help with.

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