Invitation to Upcoming Seminars in Britain – “Israel InSight” – September 18 & 19

Calling all Brits! Wondering what the future holds? You are invited to our upcoming seminars – “Israel InSight”. Discover what hope and inspiration Israel offers Olim and other insightful people.

Sep 18 6.30 pm – Manchester “The Shrubberies” / Sep 19 6.30 pm – London JW3

Also available for Private Meetings

Specialist UK and Israeli speakers:

  • Leon Harris – UK/Israeli Accountant: What a wonderful place Israel is for business and investment….
  • Jeremy Leboff of Sobell Rhodes, UK Chartered Accountants: The UK side of investing in Israeli property and business for UK residents (in London only)
  • Matthew Bortnick – Israeli Real Estate Agent: Israeli property – how the bricks and mortar stack up
  • Gideon Cohen & Lisa Segelov – Israeli Lawyers: Israeli property and other matters – how to avoid legal calamities
  • Marilyn McKeever – UK Tax Lawyer: Escaping the UK tax net – UK residence and domicile rules
  • Steven Feigenbaum – Israeli Wealth Manager: Diversifying your UK assets – Investment options in Israel and abroad 
  • Naomi Feltham & Avrahum Sanger – Foreign Exchange Specialists – Navigating around volatile markets and rising property prices
  • Q&A

“The Shrubberies” address: Prestwich Hebrew Congregation, Bury New Road, Prestwich, Manchester

JW3 address: 341-351 Finchley Rd, London NW3 6ET

Admission free. Kosher refreshments.

To register or advertise: [email protected]

In these troubled times, Israel offers the best deal in town!

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