Autism Support – Less Bureaucracy

Autism Support – Less Bureaucracy

Autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is said to be a developmental disability that can cause significant social, communication and behavioral challenges.

The Israeli National Insurance Institute issued a new circular to branches across Israel and to medical teams  on August 15 regarding a streamlined procedure. This stipulates that a child with ASD shouldn’t have to keep attending frequent board reviews. Instead, once eligibility for social security support is established, it should be automatically extended to age 18. (

The Social Security Benefit:

For a child with 100% autism, the monthly social security support payment can reach NIS 3,000. Late claims may be paid up to a year retroactively.

Documentation now needed includes: an application form, a medical Opinion, a psychological Opinion and a report spelling out how the diagnosis was done.

The Latest Change:

According to the National Insurance Institute, until recently, temporary eligibility for social security support was determined for children with ASD spectrum disorder, based on a medical opinion that changes occurred to children in their first years of life and after related treatment. Then, at age 7, children were invited to a medical board with updated medical documentation pertaining to the child’s condition.

A survey conducted by the Disabilities and Rehabilitation Administration at the National Insurance, found that the eligibility of 97% of surveyed children remained unchanged. Therefore, a Circular aiming at a significant cut in bureaucracy has now been issued. It does away with the need to attend medical boards and prolongs eligibility until the age of 18 and 3 months i.e. until the child reaches adulthood, and applicable law changes accordingly.

In other words, upon sending their child for examination, parents need to submit a claim for social security benefit together with the medical examination performed. Most medical board discussions will be held without requirement for the family to come to the National Insurance institute, based on the medical documentation.

For examinations performed under age 3 – eligibility may be granted until 10.

For examinations performed above age 3 – as said, eligibility may be granted automatically until age 18 and 3 months.

The National Insurance Institute reportedly sent notices to 9,000 families scheduled to attend medical boards in the last few weeks, to inform that they are relieved of the need to pay any return visit to the National Insurance Institute offices and their eligibility is extended until adulthood. In addition, confirmation of the continuation of their social security benefit was sent to them.

Official Explanation:

Meir Spiegler, General Director of the National Insurance Institute proudly explained: “The National Insurance is always re-assessing itself, which represents the power of a durable organization.
After an in-depth survey, as part of a bureaucracy reduction policy, we have found that a very high share of parents need to deal with updates of their medical documentation, whereas an empirical analysis shows there’s actually no meaningful need for it, and in practice eligibility usually remains unchanged. This is yet another step taken towards improvement of our service to citizens”.

Please consult experienced medical practitioners and other advisors in specific cases.

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